The Gathering began in 1985 with a simple purpose. A few of us were interested in Christian philanthropy and needed a safe, neutral place to relax, talk, teach, listen, and learn. We wanted to serve as educators and encouragers  – and be a sounding board of peers. As much as anything, we wanted to build trust.

We met originally over dinner and have now grown to a sprawling community of a few hundred men, women, children, and grandchildren across multiple generations. Learning what it means to honor God (and each other) has come from the tradition of wisdom being passed along through generations of authentic, vulnerable people knitted together over a long time, as well as welcoming the new faces and new perspectives who come each year.

Wendell Berry wrote, “Community, I am beginning to understand, is made through a skill I have never learned or valued: the ability to pass time with people you do not and will not know well, talking about nothing in particular, with no end in mind, just to build trust, just to be sure of each other, just to be neighborly. A community is not something that you have, like a camcorder or a breakfast nook. No, it is something you do. And you have to do it all the time.”

To be worthy of honor is to accept the responsibility of teaching and living in a way that matters. It has not been a sudden revelation. It has been absorbed from grandparents, parents, and children listening to each other’s lives. As you might guess, we are in this for the long haul. We hope you resonate with this vision, and perhaps consider joining us in the future?