GenNext at The Gathering

Eleven years ago, we realized that The Gathering had grown to become a three-generation event, and our hearts were moved to provide an excellent (and fun) experience for our children and grandchildren.

To provide the best activities and learning experiences for our children at all stages of their lives, we offer four age groups, based on where our children are in school when they arrive in September. Also, our G4 participants will attend a few of The Gathering’s main sessions and classes, depending on content and interests. We also invite many of our speakers to speak to GenNext during their own Bible study and share times.
G1 (3 years old through kindergarten)
G2 (1st through 5th grades)
G3 (6th through 8th grades)
G4 (9th through 12th grades)

The GenNext Schedule coordinates with the main Gathering schedule, allowing adults to attend their selected sessions and classes while also giving families free time together.

2018 GenNext Schedule

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