We hope this info helps to answer some of the more common questions we hear each year. But please don’t hesitate to ask us anything!

Where will the “virtual” conference take place?

Our 2020 conference will take place completely online. We will be using the Zoom app embedded into our app’s web based platform. This will allow attendees to view keynote sessions, participate in small-group video breakout sessions, view the directory of attendees, submit prayer requests, create a personalized agenda and more. We will send more details to registered participants.

Who can attend the virtual Gathering conference?

The same qualifications apply as our typical onsite conference. This solicitation-free event is limited to individuals, families or private foundations who make charitable grants and contributions of at least $200,000 a year.

Is the app available to download prior to the conference?

The app will be available to download one week prior to the conference. We will send out more details to registered participants about how to download. The app is only available to registered participants.

Do I have to attend the entire virtual conference?

We understand that schedules may not permit you to attend the entire conference live. If possible, we do encourage you to attend the event in its entirety—the keynotes, breakouts, conversation group —which will help you to get the most out of the experience. There will be live “chat”, Q&A and polls.

How do I log-in to the virtual conference?

The log-in will take place from our app. We encourage you to use your computer/laptop for the best viewing experience. For best performance, use the Chrome browser. We will send out more details to registered participants. We recommend that you have the Zoom app downloaded as well in case there are issues with the app interface.

Will I need to have a webcam for the virtual conference?

As a participant, a webcam is not required, but we highly encourage it so that you can see each other during breakout and conversation group sessions. Most computers have a built in webcam and microphone.

Will the sessions be available to view after they are no longer live?

If you miss out on the live experience, we will have the sessions available on-demand within the same day as the session. The Conversation Groups will not be available to view on-demand. We will have the links for the on-demand recordings available for one month post conference.

Where is the detailed schedule?

Our schedule is available here on our website, but an even more detailed schedule will be available to view on the app.
The way the app schedule works is that you must go to “Agenda” on the drop down menu on the left of the screen and then select the sessions that you want to attend. Once you select the ones you want to attend, go to “My Agenda” and they will automatically show here.
Note: Some sessions have limited capacity, so if you click on a session and it tells you that the session is full, please choose a different session offered at the same time.

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