The George Option

Listen to “The George Option” by Fred Smith   I’ve made light of country and western music for as long as I can remember. The titles like “I’ll Be Over You When The Grass Grows [...]

The Reef

Listen to “The Reef” by Fred Smith   In “Where Good Ideas Come From” Steven Johnson uses the illustration of a coral reef as an example of a structure that is both fragile and [...]

Gone to Look for America

When our daughter, Haley, decided to drive from her home in Hollywood back to Texas for a visit, I asked her if I could fly out and then come along on the road trip. Yes, I was concerned about [...]

An Avalanche of Cash

After the earthquake in Haiti, the tsunami in Japan, and the typhoon in the Philippines, millions of Americans (and a fair number of Gathering participants) responded to the immediate needs [...]

David Brooks: A Holy Friend

Dr. John Stott’s last bit of advice to his assistant before he died was simply this, “Do the hard thing.” “Uncle John” believed that choosing the easy trail, the road most taken, and the path of [...]