The Trap

For me, few things are more satisfying than spending time with young people starting a company or non-profit. While most of the conversation is about start-up, I try to get around to the topic of [...]

The Ghost in the Machine

William Bridges wrote  “Transitions” 35 years ago and reading it helped me think about the difference between “change” and “transition.” It did not seem like much at the time but the [...]

Business as Missions

Carol and I recently had dinner with David and Mary Ann Bishop. We met them when they were a young couple. David was managing his family business and Mary Ann was teaching Bible Study Fellowship [...]

Bridging the God Gulf

Last week I attended the Nexus: Global Youth Summit on Innovative Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship. Hosted by Jonah Wittkamper and Search for Common Ground it was one of the most [...]

Called to Suffer…?

Like everyone else I’ve tossed around the words “call” and “anointing” to mean discovering the right place in life. Of course the implication is always this is the place where you will be the [...]

Who Gets The Money…?

I don’t make many statements or give quotes but sometimes I do when I think the issue is interesting and my perspective will help. That was the case in an article by Christine Scheller  titled [...]