“By then day had broken everywhere, but here it was still night – no, more than night.” Pliny the Younger Years ago, while serving as a counselor at youth crusades, we were trained to hand [...]

Here Are Your Gods

The final commentary on the lives of many of the kings of Israel is, “He did evil and walked in the ways of Jeroboam.” But even when they did good things, the Old Testament always offers an [...]

Hush Harbor

"The Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality has jolted many into realizing that we are no longer living in our own Promised Land but, perhaps, are headed into what Fuller Theological Seminary [...]

A Fool’s Errand

In the Baptist church where I grew up, we heard rumors of “intellectuals” lurking in the world beyond our safe fellowship who relished the opportunity to attack our faith. While we had never met [...]

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