The Virtue of Wealth

We came to our community over 30 years ago. Not long after we arrived, I had the privilege to meet and get to know men and women who had carried public and charitable responsibility in this [...]

Enemies in the Land

Peace is good. War is bad. Right?  Not always. In fact, there are times even now when making peace is simply accommodation and the avoidance of a necessary war. “So then, the Lord left some [...]

Unavoidable People

In a smaller community we are, as Brooks says, “forced to deal with inconvenient viewpoints and facts.” Os Guinness would say it is a place where we learn to live with our deepest differences. [...]

Rebuilding the Ruins

Earlier this week I was with Peter Greer of Hope International. He was in town to speak to the faculty and board of East Texas Baptist University about the importance of the board’s [...]