The Virtue of Wealth

We came to our community over 30 years ago. Not long after we arrived, I had the privilege to meet and get to know men and women who had carried public and charitable responsibility in this [...]

Enemies in the Land

“So then, the Lord left some nations in the land to test the Israelites who had not been through the wars in Canaan. He did this only in order to teach each generation of Israelites about war, [...]

Unavoidable People

In a smaller community we are, as Brooks says, “forced to deal with inconvenient viewpoints and facts.” Os Guinness would say it is a place where we learn to live with our deepest differences. [...]

Rebuilding the Ruins

Earlier this week I was with Peter Greer of Hope International. He was in town to speak to the faculty and board of East Texas Baptist University about the importance of the board’s [...]