Tom Swift

I have been watching the SyFy channel during the holidays for some reason. One of the things that is obvious is the apocalyptic nature of so much science fiction today. It’s all about the [...]

Begging to Differ

I posted an article on the shrinking of the middle class as an increasing number of people are falling into the category of low-income. “Squeezed by rising living costs a record number of [...]

Christ’s Mass

My friend asked me why I was not writing a piece on Christmas. Well for all the reasons so many use to support their own reservations about Christmas – crass commercialism mind-numbing [...]

Believing is Seeing

One of my favorite books is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. I’m sure that’s so because I like his premise that some decisions and appraisals made quickly are more accurate than those made [...]

Sad Sells

The Boston Globe article “Why We Give” I wrote about in the previous blog made me curious about Deborah Small at The Wharton School. It turns out she has done quite a bit of research [...]

Why We Give

An article titled “Why we give to charity” in the Boston Globe caught my eye last week.     “What we find is that when people are thinking more [...]

Sitting Loose

Part of my Dad’s ability to communicate with people was his use of aphorisms. When I was a young man I thought he either read them heard them from others or they just appeared spontaneously [...]