Q and Unlearning

I attended my first Q conference this year in Portland.  While it is hard to compare Q to The Gathering I did have one especially vivid and riveting experience.  No it wasn’t the [...]

Who is Great?

Several times in the Gospels the disciples ask Jesus about who will be great in the Kingdom.  It’s not a bad question.  In fact it’s a question I encourage younger people to [...]


I had heard about the app YouVersion (www.youversion.com) and the story behind it a few months ago.  Last month I ran into Bobby Gruenewald the innovation leader at Lifechurch.tv in Edmund [...]

Wealth and Riches

We came to Tyler 25 years ago.  Not long after we arrived I had the privilege to meet and know men and women who had carried public and charitable responsibility in this community for a long [...]

Business as Missions

Carol and I recently had dinner with David and Mary Ann Bishop. We met them when they were a young couple. David was managing his family business and Mary Ann was teaching Bible Study Fellowship [...]

Pleasure and Pain

Several years ago I read an article that used research to show how the brain reacts to gain and loss. It seems the amount of pleasure we receive from a gain of say $1000 is not equal to the [...]

Celebrity Worship

A few days ago Thom Shultz at Group Publishing posted an article on the dangers of celebrity worship – both for the celebrity and for those who follow them based on their being famous. It [...]

Bridging the God Gulf

Last week I attended the Nexus: Global Youth Summit on Innovative Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship. Hosted by Jonah Wittkamper and Search for Common Ground it was one of the most [...]


I’d like to say I volunteer because I am altruistic. The truth is volunteering gives me an opportunity to learn more about organizations and the people who work there. Today I volunteered [...]